Our Favorite DUETS (or special guests) of 2008

Willie Nelson and Melonie Cannon
Willie Nelson and Melonie Cannon
Our Favorite DUETS (or special album guests) of 2008

  • BACK TO EARTH by Melonie Cannon and Willie Nelson from her new CD, “And The Wheels Turn, Rural Rhythm Records.  The new music video comes out next month!  Don’t forget to request this video on CMT and GAC!  Songwriter:  Willie Nelson.
  • DREAMER by Jeanette Williams and Keith Garrett harmonizing beautifully with Tony Rice on guitar.  You don’t get much better than that!  The song is from Jeanette’s new CD, “Thank You For Caring on Blue Circle Records is absolutely one of the BEST BLUEGRASS SONGS OF THE YEAR.   Songwriter: Shannon Slaughter.  
  •  I FORGOT MORE THAN YOU’LL EVER KNOW by Jeanette Williams (Thank You for Caring, Blue Circle Records).  Another track by Jeanette  ……. because we can’t overlook a perfect duet with two of Virginia’s favorite bluegrass vocalists, Jeanette Williams and Michelle Nixon blending perfectly together as usual.   Songwriter:  Cecil A. Null.
  • PROUD TO BE A DAUGHTER OF BLUEGRASS by The Daughters of Bluegrass (Bluegrass Bouquet, Blue Circle Records).  The Daughters of Bluegrass received the 2006 IBMA Recorded Event of the Year Award for their previous CD, Back to the Well.  We’d love to see these ladies win again in 2009 for this project, so for you IBMA voters out there, please remember to write them in your first ballot!  Songwriter:  Dixie Hall.  Vocals: Dale Ann Bradley, Heather Berry, Lisa Martin, Gloria Belle, Sierra Hull, Lisa Ray, Rhonda Vincent, Linda Lay, Sally Jones, Carol Lee Cooper, Jeanie Stanley, Sonya Isaacs, Becky Isaacs Bowman, Michelle Nixon, Jeanette Williams, Sophie Haislip, Louise Tomberlain, Mindy Rakestraw, Lizzy Long, Frances Mooney, Lorraine Jordan,  Annette Kelley, Lily Lieux.  Shouters: Dixie Hall, Judi Marshall, Melissa Lawrence, Beth Lawrence. 
  • THANK YOU FOR CARING by Jeanette Williams (Thank You for Caring, Blue Circle Records).  Ok there you have it – Jeanette makes three spots in this category.  The title track, a duet with Jeanette Williams and the legendary George Jones, was previously released, but since the CD came out in 2008, we of course want to include it!  It is a perfect classic country sounding song.  Songwriters:  Dixie and Tom T. Hall.
  • TURN THE PAGE by Carrie Hassler & Hard Rain (CHHR2, Rural Rhythm Records).  Perfect vocal pairing with Carrie Hassler and Josh Shilling.  Still waiting to see these two perform this song live!  SongwriterBob Seger. 
  • TWO COATS by Tim Hensley with guest vocals by Patty Loveless from Tim’s CD, “Long Monday,” Rural Rhythm Records.
  • WHAT A SIGHT TO BEHOLD by Tim Hensley (Long Monday, Rural Rhythm/Blue Chair).  Songwriter, Tim Hensley and guest vocals by Vince Gill and Sonya Isaacs.

2 thoughts on “Our Favorite DUETS (or special guests) of 2008

  1. I love listening to these two songs by Tim Hensley. Two coats is a wonderful inspired song. It is probably my favorite off of the Long Monday Album.

    What A Sight To Behold with Vince Gill is a wonderful song and sung with so much feeling.

  2. Tim Hensleys CD is the best bluegrass I have heard in a long time,I love bluegrass and his music….. especially What a sight to Behold..That is the most beautiful song I have heard in a long time..He is a very sweet man and freindly as well..God has blessed him with awesome talent .GO TIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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