Our Favorite SONGS FOR A CAUSE in 2008

Our Favorite SONGS FOR A CAUSE in 2008
BREAK THE CHAIN by Jeanette Williams (Thank You For Caring, Blue Circle Records). The song deals with breaking the chain of child abuse and with an amazing songwriting team of Tim Stafford, Kim Williams and Larry Shell, you know it will move you.
I KNOW WHERE YOU ARE is an original song by Jimbo Whaley. Even though Whaley is well known for his exceptional bluegrass songwriting, this is NOT a bluegrass song. It is a very powerful inspirational song about the death of a newborn child from the parent’s perspective. I Know Where You Are is an absolutely beautiful song. There is also a full orchestra instrumental track available. Visit http://www.jimbowhaley.com for more information.
an written and performed by Country music artist, Mason Douglas. This previously self released single is available on the new CD, “Words & Music Nashville” available now available at AdroitRecords.com. The album also includes songs by Vince Melamed (“Walkaway Joe”), Craig Monday (“Heaven Is A Small Town”) and other Nashville songwriters. Mason announced he will be donating his portion of the proceeds from this recording to the ALS Foundation, a nonprofit organization working to increase public awareness of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. Adroit Records announced they will match Mason’s contribution to help strike out ALS.
STRANGER IN HIS MIND by Carrie Hassler & Hard Rain (CHHR2, Rural Rhythm Records). Songwriter: Mark “Brink” Brinkman. Very emotional song about the devastating Alzheimer’s disease. Hassler’s breathtaking lead vocals tell this tender story which in our opinion, is one of the best original songs by Brinkman. We all have received so many messages from people around the world telling us how they have been moved by this very emotional song and many using the song at Alzheimer’s events around the country. Download the song/album at Itunes or visit http://www.carriehasslerandhardrain.com for more information.
THROUGH THE EYES OF A CHILD by Jeanette Williams (Thank You For Caring, Blue Circle Records). Songwriter: John Finney, David Walton. “I want to see the world through the eyes of child.” If you haven’t gotten your copy of Jeanette’s new album, you are really missing out. This is by far the best project in her well respected career. Visit http://www.jeanettewilliams.com

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