New CD and Video by Michael Martin Murphey

Rural Rhythm Records is proud to announce today’s album release of “BUCKAROO BLUE GRASS” by Michael Martin Murphey that includes two recently released singles, “Carolina in the Pines” and “Lone Cowboy.  Terry Herd from the Bluegrass Radio Network said, “Michael Martin Murphey’s music has always had an uncanny ability to reach across genres and generations to connect with fans of all kinds of music.  With BUCKAROO BLUE GRASS, he’s taken that gift a step further by scoring a direct hit on the heart’s of bluegrass fans both young and old, and believe me, that is not an easy thing to do!”

Another track from the album, Close to the Land (America’s Heartland),” now in its fourth year as the theme song for the national hit television show America’s Heartland, is now available in VIDEO RELEASE.  This music video includes images from Paul Mobley’s book, THE AMERICAN FARMER – a recent winner of the Book of the Year Award from the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum.  The video is available for viewing

Erik Ness, Director of Communications for the New Mexico Farm Bureau was very enthusiastic about “BUCKAROO BLUE GRASS” and recently wrote, “The new album on Rural Rhythm Records contains several, sudden surprises including a bluegrass revival of a long-ago Monkee’s song ‘What Am I Doing Hanging Around?  Murphey wrote the song during his formative music days in California.  His compadre, Monkee leader Michael Nesmith, put the song on one of the group’s albums making it one of first big time songs for the young singer/songwriter from Texas.  In this version Murphey breaths new life into it like a cowboy blowing on the morning coals of his campfire.”


Many fans have been curious about the spelling of “BLUE GRASS” on the CD instead of “bluegrass” so record label President, Sam Passamano explains, “When Murph and I were developing the cover art for ‘BUCKAROO BLUE GRASS’, I mentioned that it would be cool if we used the old school alternative spelling for Blue Grass that can be found on many classic albums by our Bluegrass Legends and many of our Rural Rhythm titles released in the 60’s that almost always used this ‘Blue Grass alternative spelling.  Murph thought that this would be a nice touch to connect something from the genres past to the present as he delivers his own Bluegrass style to many of the well known and loved, Michael Martin Murphey classic songs…And a few new ones, like his current single ‘Lone Cowboy.”


“It was a nice honor for ‘BUCKAROO BLUE GRASS’ to be selected to appear on the cover of the RYKO Distribution New Release Book, which included all their Label’s new release titles scheduled for a February 10th street date.  Quite a nice nod of support from our National Distributor and  the support for the album from our music retailers has be very strong too, with excellent product coverage at all levels; Chains, Independents, Mass Merchants and Online,” Passamano continued.

On March 1, 2009, Murphey will be honored along with Willie Nelson, Guy Cark and Allen Shamblin by The Texas Heritage Songwriters’ Association at the Fifth Annual Homecoming Concert to be held at the Paramount Theater, in Austin, Texas.  The concert and awards ceremony will feature performances by these honorees in an intimate, in-the-round songwriter showcase.  On April 26, 2009, Murphey will serve as Host of the 7th Annual Texas Music Awards at the Palestine Civic Center in Palestine, Texas on April 26, 2000 and will perform in concert after the show.  

For more information on Michael Martin Murphey including a complete TOUR SCHEDULE, please visit:



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