New Radio Single Releases – Dale Ann Bradley providing lead vocals

Daughters of Bluegrass - "Bluegrass Bouquet"
Daughters of Bluegrass - "Bluegrass Bouquet"

The award-winning group, The Daughters of Bluegrass are proud to announce two brand new single releases, 

“Leaving Here for Nashville” and I Don’t Think I’m Going Back to Harlanfrom their current Blue Circle Records CD, BLUEGRASS BOUQUET.  The songs will appear on the PRIME CUTS OF BLUEGRASS, Volume #99 releasing to radio on May 15, 2009.  The album was produced by Dixie Hall, Paula Wolak and Frances Mooney.

Dale Ann Bradley
Dale Ann Bradley

Two-time IBMA Female Vocalist of the Year winner, Dale Ann Bradley provides the lead vocals and rhythm guitar on “

I Don’t Think I’m Going Back to Harlan.”  She is joined by Vicki Simmons (harmony vocals, clawhammer banjo); Gena Britt (harmony vocal); Beth Lawrence (bass); Sierra Hull (mandolin); and Becky Buller (fiddle); and 2009 SPBGMA Female Vocalist of the Year (Traditional) Award Winner Jeanette Williams (harmony vocals).


The second single, “Leaving Here for Nashville” includes an incredible line-up with 8 of the daughters taking turns on lead vocals.  Musicians include: Dale Ann Bradley (lead vocals, rhythm guitar); Rebecca Frazier (guitar break); Becky Buller (lead vocals and fiddle break); Lorraine Jordan (lead vocals, mandolin break); Tina Adair (lead vocals, mandolin break) Gena Britt (lead vocal and banjo); Stacy York (lead vocals); Frances Mooney (lead vocal and bass break); Lizzy Long (lead vocals); and Beth Lawrence (bass). 


The Daughters of Bluegrass as a whole are the proud winners of the 2006 IBMA RECORDED EVENT OF THE YEAR AWARD for their album, “BACK TO THE WELL.” Individually, the Daughters have won a multitude of awards throughout the years along with numerous 2009 SPBGMA AWARDS including: Blue Circle Records owners Tom T. and Dixie Hall winning the 2009 SPBGMA Songwriter of the Year Award; Rhonda Vincent, the 2009 SPBGMA Contemporary Female Vocalist of the Year; Jeanette Williams the 2009 SPBGMA Traditional Female Vocalist of the Year; and Kristin Scott Benson the SPBGMA Banjo Player of the Year.


BLUEGRASS BOUQUET features 17 songs and 50 daughters: Dale Ann Bradley, Dixie Hall, Frances Mooney, Lorraine Jordan, Jeanette Williams, Janet McGarry, Michelle Nixon, Valerie Smith, Becky Buller, Rhonda Vincent, Sierra Hull, Stacy York, Dara Wray, Alecia Nugent, Jennifer Strickland, Heather Berry, Lisa Martin, Gloria Belle, Lisa Ray, Linda Lay, Sally Jones, Carol Lee Cooper, Jeanie Stanley, Sonya Isaacs, Becky Isaacs Bowman, Sophie Haislip, Louise Tomberlain, Mindy Rakestraw, Lizzy Long, Annette Kelly, Lily Lieux, Donica Christensen, Judi Marshall, Beth Lawrence, Melissa Lawrence, Rebecca Frazier, Jenni Lyn Gardner, Lizzy Long, Lisa Manning, Gena Britt, Vicki Simmons, Megan McCormick, Tina Adair, Kristin Scott Benson, Rebekah Long, Jenee Fleenor, Jeana Martin, Janice Martin, Larita Martin, Martha Adcock, Amber Burks, Beth Stevens, and more.


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