Bluegrass Valentine’s Day Songs


For all of you bluegrass music lovers out there, here are a few songs for your Valentine!



Listen to clips and these are in no particular order:

Dime Store Ringsby The Lonesome River Band from their chart-topping album, “NO TURNING BACK” (Rural Rhythm). 

The First Date by Brand New Strings from next’s week’s album release, “NO STRINGS ATTACHED” (Rural Rhythm) Pre-order this CD at their site.

Love is our Business” by Carrie Hassler and Hard Rain from their self-titled CD on Rural Rhythm Records.  

Everything You Doby Tommy Webb from his current CD, “HEARTLAND” (Rural Rhythm) 

Picture Me There by Lou Reid and Carolina from their current CD, “MY OWN SET OF RULES” (Rural Rhythm). 

The Day Before You” by Melonie Cannon from her CD, “BACK TO EARTH” (Rural Rhythm). 

Never Be Through Loving You  by Gold Heart from their CD, “MY SISTERS AND ME” (Rural Rhythm).

With You” by Donna Hughes from her “SAME OLD ME” album.  Stay tuned for Donna’s second Rounder Records CD, “Hellos, Goodbyes and Butterflies” coming very soon and produced by JD CROWE.

Come Back Sweetheart by JIMBO WHALEY on his self-titled CD.  Visit for more info.

There are many more, but we would love to hear your favorites!

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