New Florida & Georgia Bluegrass E-News Publication

Evans Media Source Launches New Bluegrass E-News
Publication Will Focus on Bluegrass Music in Florida and Georgia

Evans Media Source is proud to announce their new Bluegrass E-News focusing on bluegrass music news and events in Florida and Georgia.  This debut edition features 22 pages (PDF) and provides bluegrass enthusiasts detailed information and in depth coverage of music, festivals, events and much more.

The publication kicks off with coverage of: 2010 Fall Festival Season, Bluegrass Radio, New Album Releases and Reviews, Birthdays, Florida Fun Facts, Festival Schedule, Florida Bluegrass Associations, Connor’s Corner, Classified Ads, National Bluegrass Review at a Glance, plus a brand new Bluegrass Radio Airplay Chart.

“We have just built a bridge and united all of the great bluegrass fans in the southeast and for anyone curious about what goes on down here besides major them parks. We have a lot to offer in the sunshine state but there hasn’t been a publication that shares information across the region to advertise it, now there is,” said Ernie Evans of Evans Media Source..

Fans of bluegrass music can sign up to receive the news at  Readers have the option to view the E-News online or download the file and read later. 

For advertising rates and other questions, please contact Ernie or Debi Evans at 904-886-8378 or via email.

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