Pinecastle Records Back in Business

Pinecastle Records Signs Nu-Blu

Pinecastle Records is officially back in operation under a new owner, Dr. Lonnie Lassiter, and is proud to announce that Nu-Blu is the first artist to be signed to the label. The bluegrass band was the last artist to be signed to Pinecastle Records before it shut its doors in early February. The band is a rising star in the bluegrass world and is working hard to become a major force in the genre.  Nu-Blu was recently honored by the Carolina Music Awards as “Country Band of the Year.” The band has been featured in Bluegrass Music Profiles, The Alternate Root Magazine and their album Nights is currently charting on the Americana Music Chart Top 40.

Daniel and Carolyn Routh, along with Kendall Gales and Levi Austin make up Nu-Blu.  Daniel, on guitar, focuses on incorporating different styles into his playing. Not only does he add his guitar talents to Nu-Blu, but he also trades lead and harmony vocals with bass player Carolyn.  With Carolyn handling most of the lead, her vocal range and clarity are a big part of what makes Nu-Blu such a sophisticated and versatile band.  She gives the band flexibility and a driving edge that sets it apart from the rest.  The two young guns, Kendall Gales on mandolin and Levi Austin on Banjo, fill out the ranks and provide the band with a solid and talented backbone.
The band gives the bluegrass genre a new spin while still staying grounded in the traditions and fundamentals of the music.  They have worked hard to develop a sound that gives the listener a diverse experience, while remaining within the realms of bluegrass. By mixing original and traditional material with songs from other genres, Nu-Blu has created a unique and driving blend of music that keeps audiences coming back for more.

“It’s not often that a band is privileged enough to find a perfect fit with a label, but to find it twice is unprecedented.  Nu-Blu is honored to be the first to be added to the new Pinecastle Records list of artists.” – Daniel & Carolyn Routh, Nu-Blu.

Pinecastle is excited to officially be back in business.  The past month has been spent moving old artist product and company files, settling in to a new office, working on phone systems, email addresses, planning, and accounting.  Now, Pinecastle can focus on making and promoting good music.  A new website is currently in the works as are a slew of upcoming projects by new and old artists.  Watch for new announcements and keep up to date on the label’s social media sites including Facebook, Twitter and Myspace. 

About Pinecastle Records
Pinecastle Records has been a key player in the transmission of bluegrass music to the masses for the last 20 years.  Orlando, Florida business man Tom Riggs started the label in 1989 as a favor to a friend who was looking for an outlet for their newly recorded CD.  Pinecastle has long developed young artists including Kristin Scott Benson, Terry Eldredge, and Josh Williams and has also been the home to bluegrass legends such as the Osborne Brothers, Jim & Jesse, and Charlie Waller & the Country Gentlemen. In all, it has released nearly 250 projects.

Mailing Address:
2881 NC 108 HWY E.
Columbus, NC  28722

Hope River Entertainment
Penni McDaniel
Phone: 678.377.3298

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