Mason Douglas heads to Newnan, GA to The Alamo

One of Nashville’s favorite country music entertainers, MASON DOUGLAS is headed back to Newnan, Georgia on November 20, 2010 at 8:30 pm for a return performance at The Alamo.  Mason is celebrating his new national album release, “MY WILD HEART” on Rural Rhythm Country.

The reviews, critics and country radio have been very kind to welcome this talented entertainer and songwriter into the fold, especially with his new single,  “Anything Can Happen.”  Robert Oermann of Music Row Magazine stated, “I don’t know when I have heard a more accomplished debut single. And he wrote it all by himself. Give that man a DisCovery Award.”

“MY WILD HEART” is available at all major retail outlets including iTunes, Amazon, Best Buy and many more fine stores. 

For more information on Mason Douglas, please visit his website or Rural Rhythm Country.  Media request are handled through Hope River Entertainment located in the Atlanta area.

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