The Redline Model TW Guitar

Rural Rhythm recording artist, Audie Blaylock is the proud new owner of his signature “Redline Model TW Guitar.”  It all started with a jam session during the annual SPBGMA convention held in Nashville, when a fan asked Audie Blyalock to sing Send Me Your Address From Heaven .   Teddy Workman owner of TW Guitars, lent Audie one of his guitars to play.  Fast forward several months later when Teddy called Audie saying he’d like to get his guitar is the hands of some professionals, and wanted to custom build a guitar for Audie.

Audie was certainly excited and intrigued by the idea. Since he’s never been interested in flashy guitars, they designed the guitar with a sleek red line down the peg head and fret board, an idea that Audie had always envisioned. Teddy went on to craft the Redline Model TW Guitar.

Ask Audie and he’ll tell you that the guitar “sounds fabulous” and “is absolutely beautiful”“It exceeded my expectations and I love playing it!” He describes Ted Workman as “one of the best people you would ever want to meet, a genuine sincere guy.”

Teddy builds one or two guitars at a time to assure quality is not sacrificed and each instrument gets his full attention. Each guitar is built with great attention to detail, both inside the instrument and out, resulting in excellent construction and a cosmetically appealing guitar.  All TW Guitars are built using traditional hide glue, hand split Adirondack bracing and nitrocellulose lacquer, all add to the volume and tone qualities found with TW Guitars.

TW Guitars
Teddy Workman
108 Spruce Street
Elkview, WV 25071

For more information on Audie Blaylock & Redline, please visit

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