Today’s New CD Release by Valerie Smith

Bell Buckle Records is pleased to announce the release of, BLAME IT ON THE BLUEGRASS by Valerie Smith & Liberty Pike, the first album to be recorded at the International Bluegrass Music Museum (IBMM) in Owensboro, Ky. This “six-pack project” is part of 12 songs recorded at the IBMM.  A second volume of six songs is scheduled to be released this time next year.  Go behind the scenes with Valerie Smith and Becky Buller to learn more about the making of this landmark recording by visiting their YouTubechannel and viewing a short presentation.

“Last January, I pulled together some of my colleagues, Ernie Evans, Rebekah Long, and Becky Buller in conjunction with the IBMM to teach 24 schools throughout Daviess County, Ky., for two weeks.  Inspired by the chance to spend so much time at the IBMM, I decided it was an incredible opportunity to record an album while we were there.  So we brought recording equipment along with us and set up in the Radio Bluegrass International (RBI) Cave at the museum.  We wanted it to be a live feel, so we just jumped in and got creative in the makeshift studio.  We performed three school programs a day, on average.  In the afternoons and evenings, we recorded.  In between takes, I would walk around the exhibits, reading the incredible stories about the artists, feeling the passion that we all have for this beautiful genre—bluegrass,” explained Valerie.

“If you’re someone who enjoys numerical significance, the release date of Valerie Smith’s CD, BLAME IT ON THE BLUEGRASS, 1-11-11, should be pretty hard to top. Not only are all those involved #1 supporters of the International Bluegrass Music Museum, but they also made history here in January of 2010. There, surrounded by artifacts of bluegrass legends, undaunted by illness, fatigue, ice and snow, they came together with enormous energy and creativity and made history by becoming the first to ever record a CD inside the hallowed walls of the IBMM. We wish them every success with their new and wonderful CD,” said Gabrielle Gray, Executive Director, International Bluegrass Music Museum, Owensboro, Ky., USA

The album was produced by the award-winning and highly respected, Becky Buller, who lent her vocal, fiddle, guitar, and songwriting talents to the project, and served as associate engineer.  Buller co-wrote the title track with Elizabeth Shrum. Buller also wrote the wonderful gospel tune “A Good Day, Lord” with Jeff Hyde.  Ben Speer, legendary gospel artist, arranger and producer, made a guest appearance on the Merle Travis tune “No Vacancy,” along with Valerie’s husband,Kraig Smith. “No Vacancy” was sent to Valerie by her friend Dave Freeman (Rebel Records) and it appeared on an early Glen Campbell album which at the time was considered to be a bluegrass project.

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