Mark Newton & Steve Thomas Set for Performances at Kimbros Café in Franklin

kimbros-cafeMark Newton and Steve Thomas will perform at Kimbros Café located at 214 S. Margin Street in Franklin  at 7:30 pm on Thursday, May 2 and Thursday, June 6. The duo will perform songs from their new album, “Reborn” releasing April 30 on Pinecastle Records. Dinner reservations can be made by calling 615-599-2946 or by visiting Kimbros Café.

Before their May 2 Kimbros Cafe performance, Newton & Thomas will appear on WSM Radio’s “Late night with Marcia Campbell” (Midnight May 2).  Fans can tune in or listen online at  

albumcover-newton-thomasREBORN-200wNewton and Thomas are both native Virginians who both struck out separately in the music business decades ago and having completely different experiences. Now that their paths have converged, they have blended their various musical flavors together to share with Americana, Bluegrass and Country music fans everywhere.

“I have had the opportunity to work with many artists over the years he years and Mark and Steve are two of the finest I have known, both personally and professionally. They bring an exciting, entertaining, and energetic performance every time they take the stage. Whether it’s a tune about modern day struggles such as Old MacDonald Sold The Farm” or classics like Pineywood Hills, they pour passion and talent into the gas tank and put the car on the highway to eclectic musical journey that is not to be missed,” Steve Johnson, Event Producer.

For more information on Newton & Thomas including other upcoming performances, please visit their website and join them on their new Facebook page.