Michael Martin Murphey’s TALL GRASS & COOL WATER

MICHAEL MARTIN MURPHEY and his Buckaroo Bluegrass friends ride again with his new album release – TALL GRASS & COOL WATER that continues the connection between Cowboy and Bluegrass music.  This all began with his Grammy® nominated BUCKAROO BLUE GRASS album and continued with BUCKAROO BLUE GRASS II.  The third of the series, TALL GRASS & COOL WATER is a collection of songs that are cowboy in theme yet played in a style that is compatible with the sterling bluegrass musicians he’s brought together including Sam Bush, Ronnie McCoury, Pat Flynn, Charlie Cushman, Andy Hall, Andy Leftwich, Troy Engle, Mike Bubb and Craig Nelson.

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TALL GRASS & COOL WATER features the JAMES GANG TRILOGY with the songs: “The Ballad of Jesse James,” “The Ballad of Cole Younger,” and “Frank James Farewell.”  Produced and arranged by Ryan Murphey, this new project is heavily driven by Michael Martin Murphey’s own lifestyle as a rancher who has enjoyed decades of raising horses and cattle on the wide-open prairies and mountains of the Southwest and Mid-West.

Those who listen to TALL GRASS & COOL WATER will be transported in imagination and emotion to America’s vast prairies and mountains, connect with nature, and feel the passion of the personal relationships that develop among the people of the American mountains and prairies.

MICHAEL MARTIN MURPHEY’S mission is clear on TALL GRASS & COOL WATER:  He wants people to fall in love with the American landscape and culture that defines what America is all about including the heritage of bluegrass and cowboy music.


1.      Texas Cowboy
2.      Cool Water
3.      Santa Fe Trail
4.      Way Out There
5.      The Railroad Corral
6.      Partner to the Wind
7.      Trusty Lariat
8.      The Ballad of Cole Younger
9.      The Ballad of Jesse James
10.     Frank James Farewell
11.     Blue Prairie
12.     Springtime in the Rockies

For more information on Michael Martin Murphey, please visit his official website.  For more information on all three BUCKAROO BLUE GRASS albums, please visit RuralRhythm.com

Michael Martin Murphey’s Follow-Up to Grammy Nominated Album

Michael Martin Murphey's "Buckaroo Blue Grass II"
Michael Martin Murphey's "Buckaroo Blue Grass II"


Michael Martin Murphey and his Buckaroo Blue Grass friends ride again on the February 9, 2010 album release of BUCKAROO BLUE GRASS II.  The album expands on his passions of his Grammy nominated album, “BUCKAROO BLUE GRASS,” creating fully acoustic bluegrass versions of songs about the region to which Murphey has been deeply connected for a lifetime – the American Southwest.

The high lonesome sound in bluegrass music has always appealed to the cowboy soul. Somehow the acoustic instruments used in bluegrass have a drive, energy and expansive quality – an almost mystical “wide open country” sort of feeling that seems built into the design. You can hear and feel it on Rob Ickes‘ country sound in the new version of “Wildfire. It seems the American West has produced “running-wide-open” acoustic musicians like Pat Flynn, Sam Bush, Rob Ickes and Ryan Murphey who have been key in developing the Buckaroo Blue Grass sound as they blaze a trail connecting Cowboy and Western music to Bluegrass by exploring Wild West sonic spaces.

Michael Martin Murphey and Carrie Hassler
Michael Martin Murphey and Carrie Hassler in the studio

Murphey has utilized his label’s strong roster of top bluegrass artists to help further define his Buckaroo Blue Grass sound. Included on the new album is a powerful duet performance with bluegrass veteran Audie Blaylock covering the classic Marty Robbins hit “Running Gun.” Also, included is a stunning duet version of his mega hit, “Wildfire” with # 1 hit artist, Carrie Hassler. “It doesn’t surprise me that the new duet version of Wildfire is having an overwhelming response from radio listeners when they first hear it and if this is any indication of what to expect from the forthcoming BUCKAROO BLUE GRASS II album, then I suspect the excitement level on that will be high as well,” said Today’s Country Magazine’s Jeff Kurtis.

“In the past two decades, no musical artist has done more to chronicle, preserve and further the cowboy culture than Michael Martin Murphey,” wrote David McGee for BluegrassSpecial.com. “(His music) overflows with life, enough for many of us. To saddle up with Murph is to come in closer touch with enduring truths.”

Michael Martin Murphey’s songs have been recorded by Bluegrass Artists such as Flatt and Scruggs, Doyle Lawson and Quicksilver, Seldom Scene, Country Gentlemen, Bluegrass Cardinals, the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band and many others. BUCKAROO BLUE GRASS II reprises many of his songs covered by Bluegrass bands, performed with a stellar cast of bluegrass players and singers that includes; Carrie Hassler, Audie Blaylock, Sam Bush, Rob Ickes, Andy Hall, Ronnie McCoury, Pat Flynn, Charlie Cushman, Andy Leftwich and more.

For more information on Michael Martin Murphey and his Grammy nominated album, BUCKAROO BLUE GRASS, and next week’s BUCKAROO BLUE GRASS II, please visit his site or Rural Rhythm Records.


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