Moundsville, WV (February 2, 2024) – Over the past year, Crandall Creek released one chart-topping single after the other, all superbly written by the band. Their newest single, “Pieces,” released today, is no exception. This unique tune is now available for streaming and purchasing on all major platforms.

“Pieces” was penned by band members Carly Greer, Jerry Andrews, Kathy Wigman Lesnock, Dustin Terpenning, Sav Nelson, and friend Chase Arbogast. “Before we wrote ‘Pieces,’ the band had been talking about how we wanted a murder song,” explained Carly Greer. “Jerry started playing this ominous chord structure, and I just started singing. Kathy and I reworked some of the lyrics, and the whole song was finished in about 20 minutes. It was so fun to immediately watch it come to life with the band!”

“Pieces is somewhat of a different song for our band,” said Jerry Andrews. “When we wrote it, we decided to go a little bit out of the ordinary stream of bluegrass subjects and Carly Greer actually wrote about 80% of it. I wrote the music score for this and created the chord structure. It all fell together nicely.” 

“Pieces” includes members Carly Greer on lead vocals, Jerry Andrews on rhythm guitar, Dustin Terpenning on banjo, Kathy Wigman Lesnock on harmony vocals, with guests Andy Leftwich on lead guitar and fiddle, and Jamie Peck on bass. 

“Pieces,” along with the band’s recent chart-topping singles, “Just 18,” “Love the Thrill,” “Refrigerator Homemade Picture Show,” featuring Shannon Slaughter, all appear on the band’s album, Ain’t Love Somethin’ scheduled for release on March 1, 2024, on Copper Mountain Records.

Crandall Creek is now on tour including their spectacular performance last weekend at Woodsongs Old-Time Radio Hour in Lexington, Kentucky.  For more information on the band, please visit

Radio programmers can download the single at AirPlay Direct and from Hope River Entertainment.

There’s a girl
way down south
She’s been played
without a doubt

There’s a place
beneath the ground
She’s gonna lay
some bodies down
There’s no way
to save their souls
Where they decay
no one will know

Cypress trees
New Orleans
Gator meat
that’s what they will be

He was always a bad man
He was messing with her best friend
She was always his weakness
Now they’re both in pieces

On the day she found out
She knew she had to take him out
Found a boat, took a ride
Now they’ve crossed to the other side

He was always a bad man
He was messing with her best friend
She was always his weakness
Now they are both in pieces

She was wrong
Now they’re gone
And now they only live inside this song.
Take em away boys