Trussville, AL (May 24, 2024) – Shannon Slaughter has released a captivating new single, “Silent As The Grave,” available for streaming, purchasing, and radio programmers.  The song is released on Elite Circuit Records and written by Shannon Slaughter and Tim Stafford.

“Silent As The Grave” features Shannon Slaughter, a master of his craft, on lead vocal and guitar, Cliff Bailey on acoustic bass and tenor vocal, Trevor Watson on banjo, Ron Inscore on mandolin, Aubrey Haynie on fiddle, and Gary Hultman, on resonator guitar. Each musician brings their unique style and skill to the song, creating a rich and dynamic sound. 

“I heard my good friend Tim Stafford say this exact phrase when describing something several years ago and I jotted it down, anticipating at some point that I’d get Tim to help me write it,” shared Slaughter with excitement. “The song was inspired by too many episodes of any crime show you’d like to choose from! I really love what the guys did here with the intro. Gary’s reso and Trevor’s banjo underpinning the topside vocals really worked well in setting the tone of the song.”

Recently, Slaughter released another single, “The Lonesome Blues,” a soulful tune that showcases his emotional depth.  Both songs are available to radio programmers at AirPlay Direct, Get It Played, and Hope River Entertainment.

Shannon Slaughter, a consistent purveyor of chart-topping music, has been a beacon of success for years. His last album, Ridin’ Through the Country, was a testament to his musical prowess, with numerous chart hits like “Ridin’ Through the Country,” “Goin’ Up the Mountain,” “Common Ground,” “Plus One More Day,” and “Alberta Clipper.”  

Slaughter’s musical influence extends beyond his solo work. He can also be heard on Trevor Watson’s impressive new album, Out of the Shadows, and on the Bluegrass Today chart song “Refrigerator Homemade Picture Show” from Crandall Creek, which was released last year. 

More on Shannon Slaughter

Originally from the North Florida town of Chiefland, Shannon now makes his home in Trussville, Alabama. He started his professional career with the Lost and Found in 1992, moving to Virginia that summer. He joined the Larry Stephenson Band and was an integral sideman for three years. In 1995, Shannon teamed with several top-flight Southwest Virginia musicians and created Savannah Road, recording and performing for six years. After several years off the road, Shannon re-entered the bluegrass scene, joining Melonie Cannon in 2004 and 2005. In the fall of 2005, he joined the award-winning Lonesome River Band as their lead vocalist and guitarist, touring and recording with the band until 2007. In 2008, Shannon joined Lou Reid and Carolina on vocals and guitar, holding that position until 2012. Later, he was a vocalist and guitarist with Grasstowne before creating his own band.

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