#NewMusicFriday Shannon Slaughters Drops New Album to Radio

In a surprise move, Shannon Slaughter dropped his new album, Never Standing Still to radio stations today at airplaydirect.com.  Physical copies will hit radio stations next week.  The album’s official street date is Friday, October 27.  Music fans can pre-order the album now at  iTunes Amazon, CDBaby, ShannonSlaughter.com and more physical and digital sites.

The first single, “That Old County Road,” is already a radio hit appearing in the #1 spot on the Bluegrass Today Top 20 weekly song chart and making its debut at #10 on the October 2017 Bluegrass Today Monthly Chart.

Never Standing Still was Produced by Wes Easter, Randy Kohrs, and Shannon Slaughter. Rhythm Tracks were recorded at Eastwood Studio in Cana, VA and engineered by Wes Easter.  Vocals were recorded at:  Slack Key Studio in Nashville, TN and engineered by Randy Kohrs. The album was mixed and mastered by Wes and Derek Easter at Eastwood Studio in Cana, VA.  Tracks Include:

  1. You Can’t Outrun the River (3:41) – Shannon Slaughter, Ronnie Bowman, Tim Stafford — (Elite Circuit Music) / (Never Wanted Nothing More Music) / (Daniel House Music)
  2. Find Your Own Highway (3:05) – Shannon Slaughter, Dale Felts, Bob Minner – (Elite Circuit Music) / (Missouri Boy Music)
  3. Old Kentucky Home (2:43) – Greg Preece (Weaver of Words Music)
  4. That Old County Road (3:50) – Rusty Hendrix, Shannon Slaughter – (Sonic Hill Publishing) / (Elite Circuit Music)
  5. Love is a Cross and Three Nails (3:33) – Shannon Slaughter, Mark Brinkman – (Elite Circuit Music) / (Brinksongs Music)
  6. The Girl I Love (2:56) – Jake Landers – (Glad Music)
  7. Going Home (2:58) – Roger Rasnake – (Pathwalker Music)
  8. Lonely Trail of Tears (3:44) – Shannon Slaughter, Terry Foust – (Elite Circuit Music) / (Creekbed Music)
  9. Better Move it On Home ( 2:29) – Ray Griff (Blue Echo Music)
  10. He Moved a Mountain (3:27) – Dale Felts, Shannon Slaughter (Elite Circuit Music)
  11. Dying to Live Again (3:39) – Marla Cannon-Goodman, Shannon Slaughter, Dale Felts – (Spirit Music) / (Elite Circuit Music)
  12. I Was a Farmer (3:25) – Cliff Bailey, James Paul Bailey, Shannon Slaughter – (Elite Circuit Music)
  13. Trying to Be My Own Man (4:23) – Shannon Slaughter, Terry Foust – (Elite Circuit Music) / (Creekbed Music)
  14. Movin’ On (2:39) – Merle Haggard (Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC)
  15. Rae & Jed (1:44)


For more information Shannon Slaughter, please visit www.shannonslaughter.com or follow him on Facebook and Twitter.


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Never Just A Song by Shannon and Heather Slaughter Now Released

albumcover-never-just-a-song-400The new album, Never Just A Song, featuring the smooth voices and ultra-tight harmonies by Shannon and Heather Slaughter is now available at iTunes, CD Baby, ShannonandHeatherSlaughter.com and more retail outlets.  The husband and wife duo focuses on fresh, original material and wrote or co-wrote 8 of the 14 tracks.

Shannon and Heather’s innovative arrangements and soulful instrumentation shine on cuts like their recently released single, “Moonshiner,” that debuted at #10 on the Bluegrass Today Weekly Top 20 and at #20 on the Monthly Top 20 Song charts.

What folks are saying…

“This is truly one of the best recordings of 2015 in my opinion and hopefully will bring the Slaughters what they so richly deserve: a place at the forefront of bluegrass music.” – Tim Stafford (Blue Highway)

“Shannon and Heather have a great new record on their hands! Solid songs showcasing vocal chops that are powerful when they need be and an understated appropriateness that makes them sound like classics. I was thrilled to get to be a part of this project!” – Randy Kohrs

“I highly recommend this new album to anyone who loves good bluegrass music. I especially enjoyed the original material – congrats on another fine album!” – Aubrey Haynie

“I’ve been listening to Heather sing for several years and I’m dead serious when I say she is one of the finest female vocalists I’ve heard, period!! On ‘Whiskey Colored Dreams,’ I can honestly say it has totally blown me away how solid this track is!!! In my humble opinion it’s time for this young lady to get her well-deserved dues.” – Terry Foust – Co-Writer of “Whiskey Colored Dreams” with Shannon Slaughter

Never Just A Song includes the talents of: Shannon Slaughter (Guitar and Lead & Harmony Vocals), Heather Slaughter (Lead Vocals), Ron Inscore (Mandolin), Cliff Bailey (Bass & Vocals), Trevor Watson (Banjo), Randy Kohrs (Resophonic Guitar and Vocals), Tracy Burcham (Bass), Justin Jenkins (Banjo), Melonie Cannon (Harmony Vocals), Ron Stewart (Fiddle), Tim Couch (Fiddle), and Doug Jernigan (Pedal Steel Guitar).

Shannon and Heather will be the featured artist on the Heartland Bluegrass today at 10:00am – noon (Eastern) at www.bluegrassmix.com.


Fans have certainly supported Shannon and Heather’s music as evidenced by their recent sold out show at the world famous Station Inn in Nashville where they celebrated the new album. To learn more about their music and view additional tour dates, please visit shannonandheatherslaughter.com and join them on Facebook.


Shannon and Heather Slaughter Kick Off New Album Jan 24 in Nashville

albumcover-never-just-a-song-400Shannon and Heather Slaughter will kick off their new album Never Just A Song at The Station Inn in Nashville January 24, 2015 at 9:00 pm. They will be joined by special guests Randy Kohrs, Melonie Cannon, Aubrey Haynie, Ron Inscore, Trevor Watson, Cliff Bailey, and more.

The band will perform more songs from Never Just A Song including the title track written by Tim Stafford and Pam Tillis.  Shannon and Heather take turn on lead vocals, perform beautiful duets and also contribute their songwriting talents to the album. They co-wrote “The Best Thing We Ever Did” and “Where Does the Love Go” and hit the mark with their vocal harmony on songs like “There Ain’t No Need to be Lonely” written by Shannon Slaughter and Bill Castle.

Never Just A Song includes:

1. Moonshiner (Traditional)
2. Never Just a Song / Tim Stafford and Pam Tillis
3. Back to Birmingham / Shannon Slaughter, Shawn Lane, Dale Felts, Gerald Ellenburg, Heather Slaughter
4. Company Town / Shannon Slaughter and David Carroll
5. Shadows in My Room / Nick Forster
6. That’s What’s Good in America / Shannon Slaughter and Gerald Ellenburg
7. Where Does the Love Go / Shannon Slaughter and Heather Slaughter
8. Feelin’ Better / Hank Williams Jr.
9. Go Sin No More / Cliff Bailey
10. Anything / Alex Hibbitts and Sarah Scott
11. There Ain’t No Need to be Lonely / Shannon Slaughter and Bill Castle
12. Whiskey Colored Dreams / Terry Foust and Shannon Slaughter
13. Ridin’ the Lightnin’, Ropin’ the Storm / Shannon Slaughter and Dale Felts
14. The Best Thing We Ever Did / Shannon Slaughter and Heather Slaughter

Never Just A Song officially releases February 1, 2015. “Moonshiner” is the first single release and is available to radio stations at AirPlayDirect.com and for digital purchase at CD Baby.

To learn more about Shannon and Heather, please visit shannonandheatherslaughter.com and join them on Facebook.

Donna Hughes Announces Release Party for Two New Albums and Music Video Premiere


Award-winning Singer-Songwriter Donna Hughes will celebrate two new albums, FROM THE HEART and FLY, and the premiere of the music video for the song, “The Red Oak Tree” on August 23, 2014. This highly anticipated event will take place at the Sunset Theatre located at 234 Sunset Avenue in Asheboro, NC beginning at 7:30 PM. Tickets can be purchased at the door and are $5 for Adults and free for children 10 & under.

Hughes certainly showcases her tremendous songwriting talents on both projects with an amazing 21 tracks (19 original songs plus 2 covers) on her Bluegrass album, FROM THE HEART and 12 tracks (8 original songs plus 4 covers) on the piano album, FLY.

“I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of getting some amazing musicians together to interpret brand new songs from my heart. I find there is no greater high than watching them assemble the notes together for the first time. I so admire and respect their patience with the long sessions. It’s rather addictive, and as long as I am alive there is someone willing to listen, I’ll continue to write more and seek the hands that bring the songs to life,” said Donna.

Musicians joining Donna on FROM THE HEART include: Tim Stafford (Lead Guitar), Scott Vestal (Banjo), Rob Ickes (Dobro), Jenee Fleenor (Fiddle & Harmony Vocals), Cory Piatt (Mandolin), Zak McLamb (Bass), Lucas White (Rhythm Guitar), and special guest Andy Kearns as Auctioneer on her original song “Gone.” The album was mastered by Scott Vestal at Digital Underground Studios, Greenbrier, TN and Recorded at Hilltop Studios, Nashville, TN with Engineers Steve Chandler & John Nicholson. Tracks 3, 7 & 10 were recorded at Riverside Audio, Mount Gilead, NC with Engineer Greg Luck.

On FLY, musicians include: Donna Hughes (Lead Vocals & Piano), Jenee Fleenor (Violin & Harmony Vocals), John Catchings (Cello), Mark Fain (Bass Violin), Andy Kearns (Auctioneer on “Gone”), and Melody Williamson (Harmony Vocals on “All You Need Is A Dream”). The album was mastered by Scott Vestal at Digital Underground Studios, Greenbrier, TN and Recorded at Hilltop Studios, Nashville, TN with Engineers Steve Chandler and John Nicholson.

The Red Oak Tree” song appears on both albums providing listeners with both an acoustic and a piano version of the haunting tune. The music video will premiere at the release party on August 23rd. The three day video shoot was filmed last month by Videographer, Anthony Ladd of Pikeville, TN. Over 100 of Donna’s friends and family appear in the video shot at the Asheboro City Cemetery. Other locations include the home of Chad & Barbara Hall (otherwise known as the “John Hughes” home), Loraye Hughes’ home (Donna’s mother), and the Denton Farm Park. More details on the video will be announced following the premiere.
Please visit DonnaHughes.com and join her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest, Pandora, Spotify, and many more sites.


New Single by Donna Hughes – “The Way I Am” Now Avail to Radio and For Digital Purchase

Donna HughesDonna Hughes is proud to announce the first single release, “The Way I Am” from her upcoming new bluegrass album, FROM THE HEART is now available to radio and for digital purchase.  Donna provides lead vocals on her original song that is a perfect summertime tune with a fun and lively Cajun feel.

She is joined on “The Way I Am” by Scott Vestal (Banjo), Tim Stafford (Lead Guitar), Rob Ickes (Reso Guitar), Cory Piatt (Mandolin), Zak McLamb (Bass), Lucas White (Rhythm Guitar), and Jenee Fleenor (Fiddle and Harmony Vocals).

FROM THE HEART was recorded at Hilltop Studio in Nashville, TN with Engineer Steve Chandler. This highly anticipated new project, set for release later this year on her label, Running Dog Records, includes 16 original songs plus 1 cover. She will also release an Americana album, FLY, this fall featuring 8 originals plus 4 covers.

Donna recently launched an Indiegogo campaign where her fans have been pre-ordering both of these new albums.  As promised, fans who have already participated were the first to receive the new song, “The Way I Am” last week.  Fans can still pre-order these albums and find other levels of supporting her music by visiting Indigogo.com. The single is now available for purchase at DonnaHughes.com.

Radio stations can download “The Way I Am” at AirPlayDirect.com or request a WAV file. Lyrics and additional information can be found at her website.

Please visit DonnaHughes.com and join her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest, and Pandora.

Donna Hughes Announces Two New Albums & Indiegogo Campaign

Donna Hughes is excited to announce not one, but TWO new album releases this year and she’s inviting her loyal fans to be a part of it. The charismatic and extremely talented Singer-Songwriter put together a video introduction for these two new albums and is inviting fans to check out various levels of participation at Indiegogo.com.

Earlier this month, Donna recorded these two new albums at what might be called marathon recording sessions at Hilltop Studio in Nashville with Engineer Steve Chandler. They recorded 29 songs – 24 brand new originals and some just days old!
Joining her in the studio and appearing on the new Bluegrass album entitled, FROM THE HEART, are: Tim Stafford (Lead Guitar), Scott Vestal (Banjo), Rob Ickes (Dobro), Jenee Fleenor (Fiddle), Cory Piatt (Mandolin), Zak McLamb (Bass), Lucas White (Rhythm Guitar), and special guest Andy Kearns as Auctioneer on her original song “Gone.” Jenee also lends her violin talents along with John Catchings (Cello), Mark Fain (Bass Violin) and Donna Hughes on Lead Vocals and Piano on Donna’s new piano album, entitled FLY.

Donna certainly showcases her tremendous songwriting talents on both projects with 16 original songs plus 1 cover song on the Bluegrass album, FROM THE HEART with 8 originals plus 4 covers on the piano album, FLY.

In 2001, Donna released her first album entitled SOMEWHERE IN TIME, where she wrote 9 of the 15 songs. In 2003, she released SAME OLD ME, where she contributed all 21 songs, which opened many doors. Her next two albums were released on Rounder Records. GAINING WISDOM, produced by Tony Rice, was released in 2007 where she wrote 12 of the 14 songs. Her 2010 HELLOS, GOODBYES, AND BUTTERFLIES album was produced by J.D. Crowe and included 15 original songs. Donna has 133 original songs for sale on i’Tunes.

Donna has received impressive radio success throughout the years. She previously reached #1 on SiriusXM Bluegrass Junction’s Most Played Albums with HELLOS, GOODBYES, AND BUTTERFLIES along with many other bluegrass singles charting in various genres of music. She has written many noteworthy songs for many other artists as well, such as: “Sad Old Train” by the Seldom Scene; “My Poor Old Heart” by Alison Krauss & Union Station – who also performed the song at the 2005 CMA Awards; “Never Gonna Change” by Kati Penn; “Scattered to the Wind” by Darren Beachley; “Little Bluebird” by The Snyder Family, and many more.

Donna will perform today at the Senior Center Volunteer’s Dinner in Asheboro, NC; June 29 at the Tabernacle Baptist Church Service in Troy, NC; July 16 at Center Park in Greensboro, NC with many more dates soon to be announced.

Please visit DonnaHughes.com and join her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest, and more sites. Listen to her music on Pandora!

Carrie Hassler To Kick Off New Album At CD Release Block Party In Pikeville, TN April 28, 2012

Award-winning female vocalist, CARRIE HASSLER will kick off her new album, THE DISTANCE at a CD Release Block Party on Saturday, April 28, 2012 in downtown Pikeville, TN at 4:00 pm.  The event will include performances by DALE ANN BRADLEY, STEVE GULLEY, Harlan, Kentucky based national touring act and fellow Rural Rhythm Records label-mate, CUMBERLAND RIVER, and many more special guests.  This free event will take place in downtown Pikeville adjacent to Carrie’s family owned restaurant, LITTLE MAGGIE’S.

THE DISTANCE releases April 24, 2012 and showcases Carrie’s tremendous vocal talent which to date has produced #1 songs and chart hits around the world.  The album includes the award-winning talents of: Tim Stafford (guitar); Ron Stewart (banjo); Justin Moses (fiddle); Alan Bibey (mandolin); Mark Fain (bass); Mark Laws (Percussion); Dale Ann Bradley (harmony vocals), and the album’s producer Steve Gulley (harmony vocals).

The songs on this special new project were especially written for Carrie by some of today’s top songwriters including:  Carl Jackson, Tim Stafford, Steve Gulley, Mark Wheeler, Jennifer Strickland, Bobby K. Boyd and Ashley McBryde.  Tracks include: “Luxury Liner,” “All I Have To Do Is Breathe,” “Catch My Breath,” “Keep Your Memory Warm,” “Eugene & Diane,” “Give Me Love,” “Get Me Over You,” and “The Distance.”

Fans will no doubt be thrilled to hear her wide range of musical styles that represent her incredible vocal talent and diversity as she performs heart and soul love songs, beautiful ballads, Patsy Cline Country, Country Inspirational, to a hard driving bluegrass song.

Carrie’s previous albums on Rural Rhythm Records earned her a string of #1s on a wide variety of radio charts including: “I Can Go Back Anytime,”  “Faith & Hope,” “Country Strong,”  “Leaving You Behind,”  “Second Chances,” “Least That I Can Do,” along with Top 10 hits and fan favorites such as “Seven Miles From Wichita” and “Going on the Next Train.”

Carrie Hassler is nationally sponsored by Chattanooga, TN based company MOON PIE.  For more information on Carrie, please visit CarrieHassler.com and RuralRhythm.com.  For media and booking requests, please contact HopeRiverEntertainment.com.

Feb 28 – Bristol, TN – Bluegrass All-Stars

Claire Lynch, David Grier, Mike Compton, Michael Cleveland, Charlie Cushman, and Rob Ickes have been added to the lineup for the Bluegrass All-Star Jam on Sunday, February 28, 2010 at The Paramount Center for the Arts for two shows, an afternoon matinee at 2:30 PM and an evening performance at 7:30 PM. 

“We are very excited about these additions to the line-up,” noted Bill Hartley, Executive Director of the Birthplace of Country Music Alliance.  Hartley commented that the additions compliment the other artists in the line-up.  “Adding Claire Lynch along with Kim Fox, Missy Raines, and Dale Ann Bradley, highlights some of the top female performers in bluegrass music.  Mike Compton, Michael Cleveland, David Grier, and Rob Ickes are all multiple IMBA Award winners, as are many of the other artists in the line-up.”   Hartley added that Ickes is the most awarded individual player in the history of the IBMA.

Due to inclimate weather, this concert has been re-scheduled from its original date of January 30, 2010.  Since the re-scheduling of the concert several of the artists originally billed will not be able to perform due to prior commitments; however, these artists have been replaced by others of equal ability and renown.  Artists who were originally scheduled but will not be attending include:  Kenny and Amanda Smith, Alan Bibey, and Sammy Shelor.  These artists have been replaced with Claire Lynch, David Grier, Michael Cleveland, Mike Compton, Charlie Cushman and Rob Ickes.  Those remaining on the roster include Terry Baucom, Dale Ann Bradley, Mike Bub, Kim Fox, Steve Gulley, Adam Haynes, Phil Leadbetter, Justin Moses, Missy Raines, Don Rigsby, and Tim StaffordCindy Baucom from the nationally syndicated “Knee-Deep in Bluegrass” and 2005 IBMA Broadcaster of the Year will emcee the show. 

Now in its fifth year and previously billed as “Pickin’ at the Paramount,” the Bluegrass All-Star Jam will feature some of the genre’s best artists.  This show is the second in the Birthplace of Country Music @ The Paramount Winter Concert Series.   This show is sponsored by Alpha Natural Resources, Bristol Virginia Utilities, City of Bristol Tennessee, Fox Tri-Cities, WETS, WOPI, Virginia Commission for the Arts, Tennessee Arts Commission, and the National Endowment for the Arts.

Ticket prices are $25, ($15 students / $20 advance).  Show times for the Bluegrass All-Star Jam at 2:30 and 7:30.  Tickets must be purchased individually for each of the day’s performances and are available at The Paramount Center for the Arts box office at 423.274.8920 or visit www.theparamountcenter.com or www.etix.com   All tickets purchased for originally scheduled date of January 30, 2010 will be honored on the 28th of February. 

The Birthplace of Country Music Alliance is a non‐profit organization dedicated to telling the story of the living musical heritage of the Appalachian mountains and the cultural traditions that sustain it. The BCMA is funded in part by grants from the Virginia Commission for the Arts, Tennessee Arts Commission, and National Endowment for the Arts.  For more information, call (276) 645‐0111 or visit online at

New Album Release by Bill Emerson and Sweet Dixie

Rural Rhythm Records is proud to announce the January 12, 2010 new album release, “SOUTHERN” by Bill Emerson and Sweet Dixie.  The band kicks off their 2010 tour with an interview on WAMU Radio with host, Katy Daley (2009 IBMA Radio Personality of the Year) on the day of release from 9:00 – 10:00 am; plus an upcoming SIRIUS-XM Track by Track interview with host Kyle Cantrell on his “Bluegrass Junction” radio show.

“SOUTHERN” is a mixture of contemporary and traditional bluegrass, modern country, English folk, acoustic instrumental and gospel tunes – many of which are unrecorded originals.  The songs were written by highly acclaimed songwriters such as Pete Goble, Vince Gill, Carl Jackson, Chris Hillman, Tim Stafford, Hazel Dickens, Lionel Cartwright and Marty Stuart.

The album also includes numerous highlights:  special guest fiddler, Frank Solivan on the newly released single, “I Don’t Care Anymore;” a banjo duet with Bill Emerson and Janet Davis along with acoustic lead guitar by John Miller on “Grandma’s Tattoos;” special guest,world class fiddler and Emmy Lou Harris band member, Rickie Simpkins; and more!

“SOUTHERN” will be available nationally in the physical and digital formats including:  iTunes, Rhapsody, Borders, Barnes & Nobel, Amazon, Ernest Tubb Record Shops, County Sales, Music Shed, Elderly Instruments and many more.

Bill Emerson and Sweet Dixie includes:  Teri Chism (bass, lead and harmony vocals); Wayne Lanham (mandolin, lead and harmony vocals); Tom Adams (guitar, lead and harmony vocals); plus the talents of Bill Emerson on 5-string banjo who also produced the CD.  For more information on Bill Emerson and Sweet Dixie including their 2010 tour schedule and new album, please visit their website. For more information on Rural Rhythm Records, please visit RuralRhythm.com

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